Title Deed and Subscription Transactions Services

Assistance in tapu registration (certificate of ownership) | Assistance in subscription obtaining for utilities services
Our company monitors the purity of transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate, informs clients at every stage up to receiving tapu (certificate of ownership) in their hands and helps in subscription obtaining for utilities services (connecting water and electricity meters).

Cleaning service Services

We provide high-quality after-sales service, including cleaning. We just ask you to make order 3 days in advance to get this service at an affordable price.

Repair and design services Services

Our company, upon request, will gladly carry out the necessary repair and design work.

Legal services Services

The company also provides advice on any legal situation our clients may face in Turkey.

Insurance Services

In an insurance agency within our company, we provide a variety of insurance services: housing, fire, health insurance, as well as insurance of vehicles for our clients at special prices.

Management Company Services

As a construction company, we also provide management and maintenance services for all of our facilities.